Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Legends of Gyo

Hy Everyone,

After a long holiday I am back fully charged and I've got some exciting news. There is a game development on the horizon what I am extremely excited about. I put the link below and you make sure please to chek it out ;)

Legends of Gyo

This is its Facebook Page but the webpage is coming soon.

So when I am not uploading personal works, I come with something cool from Legends of Gyo ;)

Here is a pic with rock thumbnails from them.

Enjoy it.

Friday, 29 May 2015

Being Excited

Hy There,

So as you probably know there will be another Jurassic movie very soon. I am still a big dinosaur fan so I try to paint more subject related paintings until then.

By the way the movie is Jurassic World if you are interested ..


Sunday, 17 May 2015

Nepal 2015/2072

Hy There,

I've got busy days but hope you are alright.

This blogpost is a bit different than usual. I wrote it due to what happened in Nepal the last weeks. Probably you've heard about the earthquakes there.
So I've been thinking for a while if something like that happens in the world how could I help. How could I help through art ?!

It could sound silly at first I know but if it could help to realize something is not right or help to inform the people or just simply create something to make donation than it worth it. I don't really want to complicate it too much but I am still looking for the right solution.

Until I figure it out how, I can do what I really like: doing art.

I created a logo about this natural disaster in Nepal hoping I still can make a good use of it for them. If you have any ideas how could it help you can contact me.

And the logo, minimalistic as usual.