Saturday, 31 December 2011


Hello Everybody,

So we soon step into the new year and I really gratefull for your visit in this year it means a lot for me. I hope you will be interestd in my works the next year as well.

I try to create demanding and good quality works from the beginning and this is the most important "rule" for me in the future too.
An my other aim the next year is that I can approach to the computer games developing. The drawing is, it could be traditionaly or digitaly, what I really love to do. Therefore I would like to spent more time to improve my drawing skills. The graphic design is also a most ipmortant part of my life so I creating and designing corporate identities and different kind of pictures in the future as well. I have got lots of usefull things from it.

There is no more what I could wish you the next year just that you will have a really succesful and healthy year!

Thany you so much your interesting and time.

Yours sincerely,
Imre Szabó

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Christams gift

Hello Guys,

So the Christmas of 2011 is so close and I created a logo for you as a Christmas Gift :) I hope you like it. I did two option and the second one is for those people who like the snow but they can not enjoy it because of the wheather.

I would have liked to involve some graphics part as well so the basic of this logo is a little typograpy.

I wish you Merry Christmas for Everybody !

Saturday, 17 December 2011


Hello Everybody,

Today I would like to share a special file with you which was created by me. This is not the same which was before but I hope you will visit it too.
I gained my best works in one pdf file so I have created my Portfolio :) It contains a few new picture so take a look at this.

My Portfolio is about the last four years which I have been spending with learning. Sure I created bad and worse things as well under the years and I didn't put these into my Portfolio. I hope this works which are shown in the pdf file are liked by you. And what is the most important for me, I hope you will come back to my blog to check my next works as well :)

I am really interested in your opinion about my Portfolio, so do not heasitate, just send me a message :) Don't worry if you can open the file slowly because it is around 18MB.

I wish you a pleasent stay.


Ladys and Gentlemen, because I have created new portfolio and this one is not available via onlinle anymore. But if you still interested in it just send me a message.

You can check the next one here.

Keep up the good work, I do the same ;)


Sunday, 11 December 2011

Diablo III Exclusive Cinematic Trailer


The time is really close :)

The opening moments of Blizzard's third chapter to the epic Diablo is shown on the Video Game Awards.
Take a look at this video.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Diablo III Black Soulstone Cinematic

Hello There,

Today I chose one of my favourite games company's cinematic movie for you.

Finaly, but it has been seen for a while on the webpage of Blizzard. As for me currently they are still one of the best computer games developing company. I advice to watch this short movie.

And let me know what do you think of it?