Saturday, 17 December 2011


Hello Everybody,

Today I would like to share a special file with you which was created by me. This is not the same which was before but I hope you will visit it too.
I gained my best works in one pdf file so I have created my Portfolio :) It contains a few new picture so take a look at this.

My Portfolio is about the last four years which I have been spending with learning. Sure I created bad and worse things as well under the years and I didn't put these into my Portfolio. I hope this works which are shown in the pdf file are liked by you. And what is the most important for me, I hope you will come back to my blog to check my next works as well :)

I am really interested in your opinion about my Portfolio, so do not heasitate, just send me a message :) Don't worry if you can open the file slowly because it is around 18MB.

I wish you a pleasent stay.


Ladys and Gentlemen, because I have created new portfolio and this one is not available via onlinle anymore. But if you still interested in it just send me a message.

You can check the next one here.

Keep up the good work, I do the same ;)


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