Saturday, 16 January 2016


Hi There,

I decided to spend the whole January improving a bit of armour, clothing and dressing style on my creatures.

So the knight is the first one in the row.



Hi Everyone,

I hope the new year is going well for you.

My one is full with new plans and energy :)
I want to put lot more effort to build my art carrier forward. This is why I decided to upload few of my art (the biggest in size and the best quality ones) to the INPRNT webpage (the link is here).
It is basically an online gallery where you can buy perfectly printed artworks from the artists themselves. I believe this is an extremely good way to the young artists to show their talent and on the other hand they can get what they really deserve putting so much hard work creating those masterpieces.

In the future, I am gonna put a link in every post where the picture is available on INPRNT to make it easier for you to choose ;)

Imre Szabo