Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Logo design

Hello Everybody, now I share my next logo design with you what I created last year. The sms sending out was in the center of the design and I tried to make a simple design.

I have another one:


  1. Hello, I love reading through your blog, I wanted to leave a little comment to support you and wish you a good continuation. Wish you best of luck for all your best efforts.logo design

  2. Hello John,

    Thank you very much your comment it was very motivated for me :)
    I have also checked your page and I love your works. Those logos are very good and I see your colleagues are very talented designers.

    Isn't there a free place to work in the Logogenie for a graphic designer by chance ? ;)

    Thanky you for your kind words again and I hope you will come back to my blog.

  3. Great Design amazing Custom Logo Design I am inspired by your work and obviously this blog is perfect.thank you so much for sharing such a nice logo.

    1. Hello amhash,

      I am really happy you like my works and you get some inspirations from them. Thank you to share your opinion.
      Do not forget to come back and check my new works as well ;)

      Have a nice day.

  4. Thanks for an insightful post. These tips are really helpful. Again thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. I found a lot of useful tips from this post.

    1. Hy Logofrank,

      Thank you I am glad you like it. You have a great portfolio there as well.

      Keep up the good job.